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The Shorefront Y is excited to host events for the Brighton-Manhattan Beach community and beyond that revolve around Jewish holidays and values. We provide a wide range of exemplary educational, recreational activities that are surrounded by Jewish identity-building to meet the evolving strengths, needs and interests of the rich mosaic of people in southern Brooklyn.

Shabbat Your Way @ The Y is a series of events where Russian-speaking Jewish families with children will have a chance to meet Jewish educators who will present interesting and insightful workshops that will focus on family values, Jewish traditions and more.  Our  goal is to create joyful Shabbat and holiday celebrations, highlighting the beauty of the traditions for the families of our community at the Shorefront Y. Our  guests will have the opportunity to experience a unique Shabbat celebration and get to know other Shorefront Y families. 


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Past Events

March 24 | 3pm - Costume Carnival!

April 29 | 3pm: Celebrate Israel Party 

April 29 | 10am - 1pm: Beautification of Brighton Beach

April 27 | 6:30pm: Celebrate Israel Dinner

April 2 - Carnival for Kids

March 14 | 4 - 7pm: Spring Fling Carnival for Kids

March 7 | 6:30 - 8pm: Help Prep for Spring Fling for Kids

February 25 | 3pm - Purim Carnival

January 15 - Time For Good - MLK Day of Service


Chanukah Festival

Sukkot Dinner Under the Stars

Operation Wedding: A documentary film

Matzah Making (Jewish Children's Museum trip)


LEGO my EGGROLL - Chanukah Dinner

Challah Palooza​

Sukkah Decorating

Rosh Hashana - Apple Picking Trip

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